T&D Diagnostics Canada Pvt, Ltd is an emerging force in the field of IVD focused on bringing growth through a Double Vertical approach. T&D Diagnostics is a Technology-based company, where a lot of emphasis is on bringing the virtues of new technologies to the doorsteps of the users with as much ease as possible for the users of these technologies. This brings forth our specialized services in confirmatory tests for drugs of abuse and also customized private label business, which makes the complex process of multi-location tasks a much easier streamlined process, brining relief to the clients.

T&D Diagnostics works in two verticals for private labels/contract manufacturing and manufacturing set-up consultancy to suit the requirements of such clients, who need discretion and confidentiality in such projects as well as Ready-to-Use branded products, which can be directly distributed off-the shelf without any worry on quality to the labs and hospitals.

T&D Diagnostics is proud to own innovative technology platforms and patents, which gives it a unique position to take the business partners to next level of innovation. At the same time, T&D offers competitive product range to its business partners to take the current competition in IVD industry head-on.

The team of T&D Diagnostics comprises of experts in R&D, technology platform development, marketing, sales and production with more than 25 years expertise in their fields. We are a regulatory compliant company, fulfilling the regulatory compliance in Canada and Europe.

Our mission is to realize new ideas for screening and confirmation, offer consistently high quality products and serve our clients with not only IVD tests and systems, but also with all information needed to solve the challenges and problems in every market. We believe that a leading supplier not only offers tests with consistently high quality products and very competitive prices but also helps its business partners to realize the dreams and solve the problems in several areas.

Check our range of highly innovative products and see the potential of cooperation.

……..Together We Transform.